Kevin David’S Amazon Fba Zon Ninja Course Review

Kevin was supposedly making upwards of $1000 profit per day with Amazon FBA. At which point he started to teach on YouTube. Although, the level of success he actually achieved is in question, with evidence of faked earnings doing the rounds . Providing links to software used for Shopify or Amazon FBA businesses. He makes sure to promote these services in his courses and in his YouTube videos.

Running Facebook ads with an offer, this redirects to a landing  Kevin David Scam   page where the user decides to buy and is further redirected to a ClickFunnels product page. Like any successful entrepreneur, Kevin utilised multiple streams of income to build his net worth quickly and effectively. Began to teach on YouTube how to be successful like him, first with Amazon FBA and later with Shopify.

Those who followed the system did not make anywhere close to the advertised income, or any income at all, according to the FTC’s complaint. On top of that, the FTC says many people received warnings from or got their Amazon seller accounts suspended because what the system instructed them to do was against Amazon’s policies. Not so, says the FTC in a lawsuit against the company, announced today. In fact, the defendants didn’t have anything to do with Amazon. This other venture is being sold with the promise of them running it and you sit back and watch the cash roll in.

The Zuck clearly didn’t provide the stimulus Kevin required. One night working late, he discovered the world of Amazon FBA. Apparently, he started to cash in upwards of $1000 per week after 30 days with his first private label product. As someone who uses the Amazon FBA channel myself, this seems achievable, especially considering this was around 5 years ago. A lot of courses on the market promise that they will make you rich in an insanely short time doing hardly any work. If this is what you are looking for, then we should probably just part ways now because that is not what The Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass is all about.

While I don’t necessarily think what these people teach is wrong, I believe most people are better off using free resources and saving this money for their first order instead. However, with all the controversies surrounding his training courses and unethical marketing tactics. I would be doing a disservice to anyone if I recommended him now. He now even sells courses teaching you how to sell courses. You certainly can’t argue with his sales and marketing skills.

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